Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some birds from Sekino-e

Some more shots of other birds, which are actually not many, from Sekino-e. Not so many birds around, but new comers like Pale and Dusky Thrushes were found. Greenfinches were feeding together in flock and the Meadow Buntings have become more common. Several Daurian Redstarts were still presenting along the bushes, mostly males. Arghh I really want to go birding somewhere else right now...Beppu is boring.

This Grey Wagtail seems to have brightened up its underparts plumage.
I actually want to get some shots of them in full breeding plumage also.

Grey Herons were quite numerous as usual.

A tame male Daurian Redstart

Not so easy to get good weather actually. This week has also been rainy and grey.

A female Dusky Thrush feeding on some kind of wild berries.

Wish there were something else other than these Black-eared Kites

And a pair of a Little Egret and a Grey Heron to finish this entry.
Many egrets and herons use this giant dark tree as their roost.

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