Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lots and lots of Wagtails

I went for another try on snipes at Furui-chi last week, and completely failed. Two of them were sitting on the open ground but I was too careless that I didn't notice them and made them flushed away. I tried waiting for them to come back but after so many hours, they didn't. All I got were lots and lots of wagtails shots with a surprise being a single Ruddy-breasted Crake (Porzana fusca) which actually came to the open dike several times but I really don't know why I was just being so careless that I couldn't get any decent shot of it. That morning really had pissed me off a bit actually.

Since the snipes didn't come back, I had to take photos of these Grey Wagtails in order to not get bored. They seemed to be increased around the area comparing to the week before. Some of them were very tame and let me photographed in a very close distance. One or two White Wagtails were also seen visitting the lotus field area, but being chased off quickly by either the Grey or Japanese Wagtail which completely dominated the field. One of them was a juvenile which had yellowish face that made me though of a Citrine Wagtail at first glance when the bird was turning its back towards me and I didn't see its black breast band.

A crappy shot of the Ruddy-breasted Crake

A yellowish-faced juvenile White Wagtail

And the same old tame Japanese Wagtails

Not sure what it's doing, but I guess it's some kind of mating display of the Japanese Wagtail

I actually wanted to take some more dragonflies shots too but I sadly found that they were dramatically decreased. I don't know why but there were only few of them and not so many different species, only the blue and the faint orange ones were seen. My target was actually the red dragonflies which I saw quite a lot last time but didn't care to take much photos of them. Anyway, butterflies seemed to be increasing. I saw a Swallowtail several times but couldn't get any shots of it. Lotuses in the field were starting to die making the field looked a lot more open than last time when I was here. Hope there will be more new species this winter.

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