Saturday, October 2, 2010

A New Place

Just a few days before I left Thailand, I discovered my new favourite birding spot only a few kilometres away from my house. It's a flooded area on the Mae Taeng River side filled with tall local reedbeds scattered with short grass. I found it interesting since when I first met the flock of Chestnut-capped Babbler and I followed it into the reeds. There were few tracks made by water buffaloes into the reeds. I followed through the tracks and discovered so many interesting species, especially the Little Brown Jobs.
A nice scenery in the morning after the rain

A flock of Red Collared-Dove (Streptopelia tranquebarica)
White-breasted Waterhen with food for its chicks

Immature male Yellow-bellied Prinia (Prinia flaviventris)

Yellow-eyed Babbler (Chrysomma sinense)

The highlights of the place include a single Rusty-rumped Warbler (Locustella certhiola) I luckily came across while I was chasing the Chestnut-capped Babblers, Baikal Bush-Warblers (Bradypterus davidi), Thick-billed Warblers (Acrocephalus aedon), Red Avadavats (Amandava amandava) and surely Chestnut-capped Babblers (Timalia pileata). I'll be posting photos of the babbler later in another post cos there's just too many photos of them.

Here's how it looks like!

Oriental Reed-Warbler (Acrocephalus orientalis)
Thick-billed Warbler (Acrocephalus aedon)
Female Red Avadavat (Amandava amandava)

Rusty-rumped Warbler (Locustella certhiola)
Female Yellow Bittern (Ixobrychus sinensis)
Ashy Woodswallow (Artamus fuscus)

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Phil said...

A nice bittern BIF shot Ayuwat but my favourite shot there is the morning mist, just so atmospheric and how I remember SE Asia, a lovely part of the world.