Friday, April 30, 2010

Grey-tailed Tattlers

So here are some photos of the tattlers I've promised to upload. It's a common passage migrant which can be seen easily during late spring and autumn. These 3 birds I've found were all in their breeding plumages and during this one or two weeks there'll be more of them arriving Beppu.
Grey-tailed Tattler in breeding plumage

These photos look much uglier comparing to the ones I took last year. There had been some construction going on down at the river last autumn, which I think it was some kind of bridge strengthening. What's left include a bunch of garbage and ugly traces of the construction.

Most people have power to buy but not to clean. This picture proves it well.

Isn't it just strange to have a tattler and a feral pigeon together?

And the tattler with a poor crab to finish this entry.

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