Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Ringed Plovers and more

Seems like the city is now filled with Little Ringed Plovers. Some couples are now living at the river mouth near my flat. These photos of several individuals are from last week at Furui-chi. These little birds occupied all the empty lotus fields in the area, and they were all in their cute breeding plumage. As I have said before, it's one of my personal favourite waders, everytime I see it in breeding plumage, I can't help but thinking of a cartoon character.
Breeding adult Little Ringed Plovers

Normally, they're not easy to get close, but I don't know why these birds in Furui-chi were so tame. They were quite busy walking around and picking foods from the flooded fields. Some Common Teals were still staying also. I counted a flock of more than 20 birds. Black-faced Buntings, Barn Swallows and Common Snipes were very common and I luckily saw a single Ruddy-breasted Crake hiding in the reeds. Lots of birds singing, included Japanese Tit and Oriental Bush Warbler.

Meadow Bunting


Phil said...

Hey, "Snap" with the LRP but you got better pics than me!

Russell said...

Some beautiful wader photographs. The plovers look great up close and the Common Snipes may be common but they are unique characters. Looks like late Spring where you are. We had a splash of snow here in Niigata today.-Cold.

Chris said...

This is a beautiful post with many nice pictures. I love the common teal shots a lot. It is not so easy to get close to them over here.

Stu said...

Some great shots there. The LRPs are magnificent.

I've never seen the Ruddy Crake (my wife has, maybe).