Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time For Flycatchers

It was extremely sunny today! I took an early morning bus to Beppu Ropeway and walked around in the forest near the ropeway station. A pair of Japanese Tit was building a nest on a traffic sign at the bus stop. Lots and lots of Red-billed Leiothrix and Varied Tit as usual. A small flock of Hwamei was also heard dueting in thick bamboos, but didn't come up into the open. I walked up along the trekking track and came across a pair of male Blue-And-White Flycatchers feeding among tree tops. However, the birds weren't cooperative enough for me to get any decent shot, and the light was also coming behind them. A 1st summer male Narcissus Flycatcher was also staying in the same area and I luckily got a chance to photograph it in close range, when the bird flew in to chase away the Varied Tit. The bird later flew up to the canopy and started singing its short sweet songs. If the weather continues to be fine, I think I'll have to make a re-visit for these FCs!
1st summer male Narcissus Flycatcher

Blue-And-White Flycatcher

A young male Sika Deer was a surprise!

Red-billed Leiothrix


Stu said...

The top 2 shots are wonderful................

We'll be seeing these shortly too. Can't wait, roll on May!

Phil said...

Super bird, super shots. What a clever name but then it is a good looker.

Chris said...

Wow you really do have splendid birds in your area and as Stu said, I also find the tow first shots splendid. Let's hope you will get mroe sun for your and our pleasure ;-)