Sunday, February 7, 2010

Normal Stuffs

I hadn't been out for birdwatching for a while now, so today I decided to go out and check some birds at Rokushou-en. There were few birds and I didn't see any mergansers or ducks. There was a relatively tame Great Crested Grebe feeding near the rocky shore. A flock of about 30 Black-headed Gulls was resting along with Grey Herons, Great Cormorants, a single Great Egret and a Black-eared Kite. I looked for a Blue Rockthrush, which I often see around the area, but couldn't find any.
A non-breeding Great Crested Grebe

A White-cheeked Starling

Not so many other birds around in the park next to the beach either. A pair of Daurian Redstarts, few Dusky and Pale Thrushes, Brown-eared Bulbuls and White-cheeked Starlings were all that I saw, so I just took the bus back home. Here's a selection of a male Pale Thrush from the park.


Russell Jenkins said...

Great stuff. Love the Pale Thrush. Haven't seen one yet. Is that your artwork at the top of the page. Looks excellent!

Unravel said...

Thanks a lot!
Yes, that's from my sketchbook. I actually began drawing long before taking photos hehehe.

Phil said...

Like the Shelduck sketch very much, can we see some more of your sketches? Tha starling is a new one on me but it too is a good looking thing.

martesorex said...

Oh, great Great Crested Grebe's photos.

Are there Saunder's Gulls around your fields?
I think Saunder's Gull is usually seen in Kyushu.

Unravel said...

Phil : Thank you very much! I'm thinking about putting some of my recent drawing into this blog also. I've uploaded lots of the older ones from my sketch books here >

martesorex : Thanks! I haven't seen any Saunder's Gull around here in Beppu, but there are loads of them in Ariake Sea in Saga!