Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Lazy Birds

Here's the photos from yesterday at Beppu Koen. Even the normally super secretive Grey-capped Greenfinch seemed to be much more approachable than ever. Pale and Dusky Thrush have finally arrived and in a good number. Another new comer was the Olive-backed Pipits(Anthus hodgsoni) which were walking around all over the place. An accipiter was seen flying out of a pine tree, I think it's a Northern Goshawk. Not a good day for birding actually. Didn't know where have all the Daurian Redstart gone, I only saw one shy male. There was no Brambling also. They should've arrived here now actually.
It was so cold that the thrushes seemed to be very lazy.
These Pale Thrushes are enjoying sun bath.

This Dusky Thrush was a bit more secretive.

This Carrion Crow's upper mandible seems to be growing abnormally.
Its right leg's also broken.

So happy to get these shots of the Grey-capped Greenfinch. Thanks to the cold weather.

Olive-backed Pipits are common but not easy to get decent shots.

And the only shy Daurian Redstart of the day...

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S.C.E. said...

Nice shots, esp the Pipits.

LOADS of snow up in Hokkaido now.............