Friday, December 18, 2009

It's hard being a student

Today's the coldest day I've ever witnessed during my student life in Beppu...where has the warm subtropical Kyushu gone. The snow was not that heavy but the wind messed up everything. We all had to walk through this natural hazard to class this morning, actually, the whole day. As I've mentioned in the previous entry, it mainly snows only on high mountains in Beppu, but today it even snowed down town as well and the weather of the whole day was terrible, though there were some periods of sunlight but only for a brief moment. Someone was talking about global warming being bullshit in the Japanese class and etc. It seems like more and more people are becoming more skeptical about the concept of global warming...because of the over promoted plus brain-washing strategies many organizations have taken so far may be.

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SevenDaffodils said...

I am going to have 14-20 inches of snow here ka!! (Already start falling)
So, you're not alone :-)