Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Failed Attempt

So I went to Sekino-e again this evening in hope for more Rustic Bunting shots, which, as the title says, failed. There were quite many Meadow Buntings (Emberiza cioides) flying around in the reedbed but no Rustic. The photo above is a female Meadow Bunting which came up from the bush and posed for a few minutes. I noticed that the area where the Rustic Buntings were found seemed to have dried up, so that's may be the reason why they didn't come anymore. There were many small birds flitting around in thick bushes along the canal also. I spotted 2 Oriental Bush Warblers, many Japanese White-eyes, 1 Black-faced Bunting and lots of Daurian Redstarts.
This female Daurian Redstart loves to pose.

A record shot of a non-breeding male Black-faced Bunting

There's another male in the background if you can see.

Many male Daurian Redstarts

And some hopelessly taken shots of the tree sparrow. Well, I like the last one though, a tree sparrow on a dog rose tree, that sounds romantic.

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Phil said...

That meadow bunting is something else! I like the last one too- very artistic with the dog rose left in the picture. Phil