Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here's a set of some old photos taken at Sekino-E from various visits during the late December. There was nothing much actually. A flock of Japanese Grosbeak was found quite regularly, though. I wondered why it took me almost a year and a half to finally see my first Japanese Grosbeak, when it's actually one of the most often seen birds right now. Seeing and photographing are different stories though. The pair of Bean Geese were and are still presenting well. They look happy and healthy as ever. Lately they've been a bit more active in flying too.

Male (above) and female (below) Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus)
December 29, I found a small flock of 3 Kentish Plovers resting on the rocks near the Sekino-E beach. One of them was a male bird in a half breeding plumage showing bright orange crown with black mask and forehead band. It seems like there are more Kentish Plovers around here than I thought. Spring would definitely be more fun, as the birds will fully be in their breeding plumage.

Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus)

Black-eared Kites (Milvus lineatus)
There's a pair of Black-eared Kites which often perches near the Sekino-E beach. A few Ospreys often soar around and stoop into the sea to catch fishes as well, but they always disappear when I get my camera ready. Sometimes there are Kestrels, Eurasian Sparrowhawks and Common Buzzards, but I always see them while I'm on the bus, which means no photos. There are still many unprocessed photos left in my hard disk. Seems like I gotta keep up!

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