Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Number of Small Things

This autumn seems to be wetter than the last one. Last year Beppu got its first snow since November 3, but this year, it's still relatively warm until now. I've been to Sekino-E very often during the week before the exam, and still got so many unprocessed shots in my hard disk. Here's a set of small butterflies and dragonflies I took around the area. The number of these beautiful insects seems to be decreasing as winter starts to approach. There weren't as many dragonflies as the month before. I could only find the brightly coloured Sympetrum eroticum eroticum, which is very common around here.

These small butterflies are very difficult to identify. I've no idea what are they...
This one is an Asian Comma (Polygonia c-aureum).

Sympetrum eroticum eroticum

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