Saturday, November 20, 2010


The exam is over and I have 5 days off starting from today. I'm planning to go to Oita someday during this short vacation, but first, here's a set of photos of the geese at Sekino-E taken since November 6. The geese actually disappeared for a few days, which made me think that they might have already migrated further south. But in the morning of November 6, I arrived at the place and was so happy to see that both of them had shown up once again. They must have been hidden among the thick lotus fields, so I just couldn't see them. Now they're back walking around with farmers again!

Taiga Bean Goose (A.f.middendorffii)

Tundra Bean Goose (A.f.serrirostris)
I concentrated on taking photos of the Taiga Bean Goose more than the Tundra because I still hadn't got any shot of it in good light. As you have seen in this post, it was already dark when I first found the bird. After that day of discovery, both of them had shortly disappeared, so November 6 was my first time to photograph the Taiga properly. Both of them were tame as ever. The Tundra is a bit tamer, since it has been around here longer than the Taiga. Both of them didn't mind me and the farmers working nearby at all.
Here's how the place looks like (The geese are sitting behind the farmer.)

This set was taken in the morning.

The smaller Tundra Bean Goose seemed to be more active in stretching.
Furuso-san taking photos of the geese
I revisited the place again in the afternoon, and met Furuso-san who was already sitting and taking photos of the geese at a super close range. She was also happy to see that they had come back once again. The shots taken in the afternoon look quite different from the ones taken in the morning. Because of the different direction of light, afternoon shots have a more colourful background because of the bluish reflection of the sky in the water. Too bad all those muddy lumps still look distracting as ever. I'm really sorry that the photos are too repetitive in this post, but I don't think I'll be able to get a chance like this very often, so I better take advantage of it. That's my only excuse ;)

Taiga and Tundra Bean Goose


Mark Young said...

Beautiful images as always. A great looking bird.

Stu said...

Nice shots, esp the wide angle one........

Dominic Gendron said...

Very nice geese! Great shot,s

Chris said...

Beautiful geese post and I love your previously published sketch! Wonderful. I really do appreciate your blog! It is wonderful!

John said...

A nice account of these birds... and a great sketch