Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Family

Yesterday I went shopping at a supermarket in Mochika-hama and along the way I noticed 3 Barn Swallow nests. Last year, one family even built a nest in front of the supermarket. Of all the three nests, I found this one most appropriate to go and snap some shots. The chicks looked very healthy and active. At first they were sitting, walking and stretching outside the nest but later when I started to take photos, they all moved back into the nest. Parent birds always came back to feed the youngs in every 2 or 3 minutes. The chicks should be able to leave the nest in few days. It's happy to watch these little birds growing up successfully.
Four little hungry chicks

When the parents went out for food, they often fell asleep.

Can you spot the nest? It's just above the AIC sign!


Chris said...

Well every birder should be able to spot the nest due to the trace on the sign ;-) Superb set of pictures and very funny picture of the babies! I love the one where they sing ;-)

Stu said...

Nice shots!

Swallows and House Martins nest in public places up here too, the Martins seem to favour gas stations and the Swallows go for road stations......

Unravel said...

Thanks Chris and Stu!
I went out and checked the nest today and all the babies have already left the nest. So happy to see a successful case :))

Phil said...

Great series of shots to synchronise all the bills opening together like that. Clever of them to recognise a food shop as well.