Friday, June 18, 2010

Blue-And-White Flycatcher

Here's another post with photos from my last visit to Beppu Ropeway few weeks ago. Though I found quite many individuals of this beautiful Blue-And-White Flycatcher as usual, only few of them still remained singing. I found two different female birds along the way uphill, but couldn't take any photo of both. It's the first time for me to see the female of this species in Beppu. I also found one male bird feeding a fledgling as well.
This is one of the few male birds that were still singing.

And this one is another individual which was busy finding food for its young. It looks a bit worner than the individual above. Below is a video showing a male bird singing beautifully on an excellent perch under an excellent light, something I really wish to come across once. Thanks to 222momotarou for this nice sharing.

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Chris said...

Wow simply gorgeous, the bird and the picture. The video is sumptuous too!! Beautiful.