Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Without Lenses

I wouldn't be taking photos of birds nor even interested in birdwatching, if I haven't been attached to drawing and painting since I was a little child. My first attempt to do birdwatching was after I began to be interested in drawing birds. When I was a kid, I drew lots and lots of pictures of dinosaurs, flowers, mammals, traditional Thai arts, and then it came to birds. At that time, my father went to Japan and brought back a tiny binocular for me as a gift, and later introduced me to the city's bird club. That tiny binocular is absolutely an inspiration for my deep love for birdwatching I have today. Even with a DSLR, I still want to continue my drawing along with taking photos as much as possible. Though it is a much more time-consuming activity, I don't want to lose what has initially made me here. Here are some recent sketches I've done in Japan. I mainly use watercolor, but recently collaborate more with acrylic. You can visit my website here to see more of my older sketches.
Japanese Grosbeak; black ink, watercolor and acrylic

Arctic Loon; black ink and watercolor

Common Shelduck; black ink and watercolor

Common & Black-tailed Gull; black ink and watercolor

Reed Bunting; black ink and watercolor

Steller's Sea-Eagle; black ink, watercolor and acrylic

Harlequin Duck; black ink and acrylic

Whooper Swan; black ink and watercolor


Russell said...

Wow! That's some serious artwork. Very refreshing and a change from photographs. Although yours are always spectacular. Love the Japanese Grosbeak. Saw my first last weekend.

Stu said...

Very nice indeed, you're a man of many talents!

Unravel said...

Thank you very much, Russell and Stu!

SevenDaffodils said...

Definitely fall in love with your work as always. :-)