Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time For Foods

It's spring, and it's still a spring vacation, so I've got plenty of time to go out birding. The results lie in my external hard disk. Here are more photos from the same visit to Rokushou-en last week on April 3rd. Lots of people were gathering at the rocky beach searching for seaweeds and oysters. It almost looked like a festival. Not only there were many people, there were also lots of Grey Heron flocking for food as well.
One of the many breeding Grey Herons

This one is still a non-breeding.

Most of the birds looked beautiful in their breeding plumages. The bare parts like bill and legs turned into colourful reddish-pink and orange, and the lores turned into deep blue. However, they'll soon disappear to Honshu and Hokkaido where they mostly breed. Only few couples stay around Beppu throughout the year.

The male Blue Rock Thrush was also in his most handsome suit.

But something was really wrong with his wife's beak.

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Russell said...

Some super seaside photos. The female Blue Rock Thrush is an awesome find with that beak.