Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Final Phuket

To wrap things up, here's a series of photos taken during the trip to Phuket with my family. I've been back to Beppu for 2 days now, and feel so strange once again about the shift in temperature degrees. It feels so cold here, guess that's because I've gotten used to the 30+ degrees in Thailand. Sakuras are blossoming everywhere and the city looks really colourful. A bit shame that the wind was too strong yesterday, the flower petals fell out of the trees too much in some area.
Muslim students waiting to see sunset at Phromthep Cape

The Phromthep Cape is one of the most famous places to watch sunset in Thailand, maybe the most popular one, because it is located at the westernmost part of the country. Everyday hundreds and hundreds of people flock together before sunset at the top of the hill. It's kinda unbelievable.

A few more shots

We stayed in a resort called Allamanda. It was nice and beautiful.

Though Phuket, the province, is extremely famous for its beautiful beaches,
the Phuket city is also famous for its old and beautifully designed buildings.

I found several House Swift's nesting colony under these old buildings' ceilings.

Such as this.

Southern people love to have birds in their cages, I don't know why. I'm totally against this kind of things and I feel sorry for those wild birds to have been kept in cages. The most popular species is the Red-whiskered Bulbul which was once common throughout the country but finally disappeared from the south because of caging and now they're illegally trade them from the north. The bird in the upper photo is not the Red-whiskered Bulbul, but the also popular White-rumped Shama, a relative of robins.

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Phil said...

Now I can see why lots of Brits holiday in Thailand during our winter. Looka a serene place.