Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back To Spring

As I have mentioned in the entry below, I'm back to Beppu again. Yesterday I went to Beppu Koen to take photos of birds and cherry blossom. Lots and lots of thrushes as expected, reminded me of the first moment I was here in Japan. It's the third spring for me here, still find it hard to believe how fast time has passed. Other than the thrushes, Dusky and Pale, the normal stuffs were still presenting quite well.
A tame male Pale Thrush

A first-winter female

Dusky Thrush

Another female Pale Thrush

Brown-eared Bulbul

A female Daurian Redstart

A breeding Buff-bellied Pipit

All the male Daurian Redstarts had gone. I only found at least 2 females in the park. A pair of Long-tailed Tit seemed to be collecting nesting materials. Apart from the park, I walked along the stream near my place and found several Buff-bellied Pipits, all in breeding plumage. The Grey and White Wagtails were also completely moulted into their breeding plumages, and the Barn Swallows were swifting all over the air. Spring is fully here and I love it!


Russell said...

Great scenes with the blossoms and birds together.

Stu said...

Nice Pale Thrush pics, I have never taken a picture of one.......