Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slaty-backeds are back

It's the coldest day with the heaviest snow fall I've ever seen in Beppu. The Spa Beach has completely gone white and I had so much fun taking photos of the Black-headed Gulls which I'll be uploading later. There were quite many big gulls around the beach also and I was a bit surprised to see that many of them were actually Slaty-backed. Most of the birds were adult with only 1 first year juvenile. This winter seems to be different; I didn't see any last season.
A first-year Slaty-backed Gull

Adult non-breeding; this individual has black spot on both mandibles

2cy Vega(middle), 1cy Vega(second from right), adult Slaty-backed(far right)

This adult has darkish facial streaking

The same first-year bird trying to catch snow flakes!

This Vega Gull is so strange; the legs are blue!
There were at least 2 individuals with this kind of bluish legs.

And a second-year Vega Gull to finish off with

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