Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gulls Portrait

A nice afternoon with plenty of sunlight makes these common Black-headed Gulls at Spa Beach look more beautiful than usual. Photographing them is extremely easy because they are so tame. People at the beach usually take their photos using their mobile phones. A little trick to get them closer even when you don't have any food, just throw your hand up in the sky pretending like there's food in your hand, they'll still come attack you immediately! I did that for these shots, so...sorry ね for having no food for you gulls.
This guy looked upset when he realized that there was no food!

Umi-neko (Black-tailed Gull meaning 'sea cat') looked so smart in their breeding plumage.

Coldness seems to have lazy impact on the gulls too.

Few Black-headed Gulls have already developed some black feathers on their head.

Strange lighting when it's got cloudy in late afternoon


Charounette said...

^O^ I love how that chubby little guy got mad when he found out there was no food ha ha ha ha ha

My eyes always pop each time I see your photos, good thing to hop in and check out @blogger tonight.

PS I saw some gulls at the castle pond last weekend, isn't that weird? I thought they would only live by the sea. It's the middle of France where we don't have a seashore nearby.

Unravel said...

haha no that's not wierd...
they can live in any kind of wetlands
gulls are super adaptable!