Saturday, November 21, 2009

Red-breasted Mergansers

Yesterday I saw two female Red-breasted Mergansers (Mergus serrator) feeding at Spa Beach next to my dorm but the birds were too shy and I couldn't get any good shots. Today, unexpectedly I found the same two birds again at Rokushou-en, about almost 20 km away from the first place. One of the bird has distinct pale lines on its face while the other is duller with no distinct pattern. I spent almost the whole afternoon trying to get some good shots of them. They were still quite wary, but definitely less than yesterday, but the weather was not good at all. It has been very cloudy since yesterday with very little sunshine. There were also few Mallards at Rokushou-en and a flock of pintail passing by. Here are some acceptable shots of these two ladies.

Wish the weather were better than this.

This kind of fish with rounded fins seems to be their favorite dish.

Where are all the drakes?

Love it when they dive!

Hmm still far from my expectation...definitely need a revisit.

Guess that's quite enough for today hehehe

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