Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Other Owl

So I've posted many photos and videos of the Asian Barred Owlets in my house in the earlier post. Here I'm very proud to present another species of owl that resides in the same area. Unlike the Asian Barred Owlet, the Collared Scops-owl (Otus lettia) is only active during the night. I've actually never seen it before until the early morning of September 18 when I heard one bird calling from somewhere behind my garage. I quickly grabbed my iPod and did some playback. The bird suddenly flew into a big longan tree in front of the garage. I stopped the playback and searched for the bird. It was perching on an exposed branch looking straight at me. With a help of my father who was holding the torchlight for me, I was able to get 6 good shots of it before it flew out to the other tree. I didn't follow as we were actually leaving for Doi Inthanon. At least, I was satisfied with those 6 shots. I actually haven't been hearing its call in my house for a few years now. I thought the Asian Barred Owlets have completely taken over the whole area, so this discovery was a very good news for me.
I just found out that Blogger has changed its photo viewer to a new lightbox which completely messed up with my own lightbox script a few days ago. I hated it, so I searched for a script to kill the new lightbox and I finally found the right one for me today. I think Blogger should have made it as an option, not forcing everyone to use it like this. There's just so many negative feedback and is still continue to pile up. Actually I haven't seen any positive one so far, so I just hope it'll disappear soon.


Russell said...

Really gorgeous owl and super photographs. The lighting is perfect.

Stu said...

Wow, you've seen more Owls in 2 days than I have in 10 years in Hokkaido!!!!!!!!!

Phil said...

With a torch? Brilliant to get shots like that in the circumstances and the time available.