Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Some of you might have already noticed that I created a new blog called Wildlife Illustrations to put my artworks. You can visit the blog here http://anraberu.blogspot.com/ or by clicking on the small icon in My Blog List on the right. Most of the drawings and paintings I put up in that blog are for sale. In case you are interested in purchasing any of the works, please contact me through my email tony_unedited@hotmail.com

To update a little bit, now I'm having a great time relaxing with family and friends at home in Thailand. I've already been out birding for several times, but still have no mood to process the photos. Even some of the photos taken in Beppu before coming back to Thailand are still laying in my hard disk waiting to be photoshopped. I'll try clearing all the stuff as early as possible. But the nice cool early mornings are too good for me to stay home, and the hot weather of midday makes me feel too lazy to post anything. Hope to get back on track with this blog soon ;-)

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Chris said...

Well sometime we just need to step away from blogging and pictures treating and so on!! It is also good to do other things so enjoy yourself, and take care. your other blog is just great too mate ;-)