Sunday, October 17, 2010

Macro World

Just a series of photos I took around Sekino-e before the semester began. The rice fields looked very beautiful and were ready to be harvested. There were lots of tiny damsel and dragonflies flying around the fields, and here are some that I could manage to get some nice shots of. Thanks to my dragonfly colleagues again for identifying all of them. The turquoise-blue Ischnura senegalensis is my favourite!

Ischnura senegalensis

Sympetrum eroticum eroticum

Females Calopteryx atrata
Too bad I don't know much about flowers, anyone?

A kind of Skipper, not sure which one

And a kind of Lycaeninae
And a Fly
These days I've become quite busy with my study, thus I can't go out birding very often and I can't update the blog very often as well. The starlings flock is still roosting near my dorm as usual, but the number of the Chestnut-cheeked seems to have decreased a lot. There are still lots of images I took before I've gotten busy waiting to be posted. Hope November comes very soon, so I can have my 5-day quarter break.


Phil said...

Thanks for the pictures A. Your studies should come first but a career allied to birding is always a possibility.

Chris said...

Wow splendid set of pictures. The damselflies are fantastic.... You got so much diversity in your area!

Dominic Gendron said...

NIce serie, very claer images, The last one is awseome!

John said...

Nice photos of the dragonflies !

I've got many unidentified flower shots myself, sorry I can't help you to name yours...