Friday, September 24, 2010

Macro Birds

Here's a set of photos from Doi Inthanon last weekend. 7 of us drove through the stormy rain of Saturday morning up to find shelter at Mr.Daeng restaurant. After the rain stopped and we enjoyed seeing a female Asian Paradise-Flycatcher, Black-throated Sunbirds, Little Spiderhunters, Brown Shrike and minivets just in front of the shop. However, the highlight of the trip was again the celebrities in Ang Ka trail, the Snowy-browed Flycatchers and White-browed Shortwings.

As you see in the photos above, it's actually a rare occasion to be able to take photos with birds here in Thailand since most of them are so wary. This male Snowy-browed Flycatcher is not only cute but super tame as well as it was continuously fed by photographers. More photos of the bird can be seen in this post.

Coeliccia chromothorax

Black-throated Sunbird (Aethopyga saturata)

The same juvenile male Black-throated Sunbird was still showing well at the Chinese Hat flower tree. It has developed more adult male feathers on many parts of its body especially on the upperparts. One worn adult male was also visiting the tree, but it was very difficult to get decent shots. The garden behind Mr.Daeng's shop was also full of the beautiful black and yellow Coeliccia chromothorax damselflies. We also observed a pair perching in wheel in a dark bush.

We went to Mae Pan Waterfall before noon in search of a rare Hoya which I've already forgotten its name. It was a beautiful white flower with soft pleasant odour similar to Jasmine. Some of us spent more than one hour just to photograph it. My current gear is not suitable for floral photography at all so I just did some record shots, while the others were completely obsessed with getting the best of the flower.

Peristylus tentaculatus

We found this strange ground orchid Peristylus tentaculatus at Km.34.5 Jeep Track. If I find it myself, I would definitely overlook and place it in the same importance as grasses. Fortunately, some of us are experts in orchids and pointed out for me that it is actually a decent one. "Dragon's moustache" is its Thai name and I think that name describes it pretty well.

Aristocypha fenestrella
The Blue Baron

Vestalis s. smaragdina

I couldn't take so many photos of birds since there was not so many, so I turned my attention towards those little damselflies and butterflies instead. There seems to be many beautiful species of damselflies here at Doi Inthanon. The last metallic green and yellow Vestalis one is my favourite.


Ari said...

Interesting shots of various subjects! Thanks for sharing, Ayuwat.

Phil said...

Brilliant shots A. I think the black and yellow damselfly outshone the birds today and so did the last two, the one with the white tail and the last green and yellow one. The hoys flower is quite beautiful too.