Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot, Hot Summer

When it stopped raining, it just keep on getting hotter and hotter. The other day, I met a friend of mine who works as a lifeguard at one of the beaches in Oita and his skin colour has dramatically changed. His original colour was the same as typical Japanese, now it's almost like the colour of people from South Asian countries. By the way the point is, because of the heat and the sun ray, I now prefer to keep staying inside my room rather than going out birding even though I do have some time. So here we go with some old photos of the Chestnut-eared Buntings I took last week. A couple seemed to be nesting somewhere close to the entrance of the campus. The male bird was guarding and singing all through the morning and I found the female carrying a very yummy-looking caterpillar for the youngs.


Ryou said...

Nice contrast of colours between the Buntings and the background. Great shots as always.

Phil said...

We never have the problem of too hot to go out, usually too wet is our bugbear. I just love all those bunting sp. we dont get over here that your photos depict so well. I hope it cools down soon for you. What temps are they today?

Unravel said...

Thanks Ryou and Phil!
Phil> These days we get more than 30 celcius degrees everyday... Today's highest was 34.