Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tattlers Love Beppu

This post might look a little bit desaturated. Well, I always wish the Grey-tailed Tattler were more colourful than this. Last time I went to Rokushou-en was about two days ago and these little birds were still there, and in a good number as well. I wonder when will these little grey birds migrate further north. Maybe they love this rocky beach of Rokushou-en so much or the crabs in Beppu are really delicious.
They are so good at walking on these rocks.

A fluffly tattler


Another one!

Some relaxing pose


Mark Young said...

Fantastic images as always! I don't think they look desaturated at all. The birds look natural, the image quality is excellent!

Phil said...

I dont see any problem with those images, very fine detail captured of the flank marking especially. It would be a nice species to get over here - now I know what to look for, a giant Common Sandpiper.

SevenDaffodils said...

The forth pic is superb!!!! Wow!!!