Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Other Birds

And this post's gonna be all about the other birds I found at Rokushou-en last Saturday. A quite active day actually, both for birds and people. Low tide brought in lots of herons and egrets to the shore as well as people who went there to seek for oysters and seaweeds. The only problem for birding at Rokushou-en is that there's always too many human activities going on, which can simply disturb all the birds away.
This pair of Oriental Turtle-Dove came down to drink some water.

Grey Heron

A breeding Great Egret

The Black-crowned Night-Herons are back after a long absent during winter. There were several individuals perching on the rocks looking for food. The lower one was so lucky with that big fish.


Mark Young said...

Nice images. I like your Oriental Turtle-doves. They look like they'ld have a nice array of colours in their plumage.
Did that Night-heron eat all of that fish? That should keep it happy for some time.

Unravel said...

Thank you for the comment :)) I don't know exactly if the night-heron ate all that fish successfully or not because it later brought the fish to eat behind the rocks.