Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Small Post

Just a short series of flight shots of a Whimbrel at Rokushou-en last week. I also met a Japanese guy with a sigma lens there and we had a little bit of conversation. His name was Tonai. He said he has been to over 70 countries and his goal is to visit 100! Then we talked a bit about the situation in Thailand, which I barely keen to express any opinion. Talking with him made me realise that I should know the names of birds in Japanese more because it seemed like Japanese people only call the birds in their language, so it was very difficult for me to understand which bird he was talking about. Too bad I forgot the exact name of his website, but it's something about digiscoping. If I see him next time, I'll definitely ask him again.


martesorex said...

Yes, almost Japanese birders (including me) recognized bird name for only Japanese.
I began to memorize English name from starting my English blog.

In addition, Whimbrel is チュウシャクシギ in Japanese.

Unravel said...

Thank you martesorex!
I can remember the "チュウシャクシギ" because I see them very often.
It is very different from the way birders in Thailand do. Though we also have Thai names for each species, most of us still use the English names when speaking.