Monday, May 3, 2010

Another New

I got another new bird for my Beppu list yesterday at Rokushou-en. It was a Dunlin. Though it's a very common bird in Japan and I have seen lots of them in Saga, which is just few hundreds kilometres away from Beppu, it's the first time for me to see the species here. The bird was resting with its beak hiding in its back when I first saw it, but it later started to feed when I tried to approach.
Anyway, it was tame and cute in its breeding plumage. I have no idea what happened to its left foot though. There were some plastic-like objects attaching to its toes which made it a little bit more uncomfortable to walk.

Here you can see those suspicious objects on its toes quite well.

Somehow I think that I should let you all see the image just as how it really is, so I didn't crop any of the photos above and I think I'll continue doing it this way for the future entries if possible. These images are only resized and slightly brightened.

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