Friday, April 2, 2010

Pipit Influx

Although the loon has gone, I still frequently went out to check the beach from the balcony. Yesterday I noticed a flock of about 10 small brownish birds walking actively on a small playground near the car park. They were Buff-bellied Pipits (Anthus rebescens), and mostly in breeding plumages! I readily grabbed my gear and went out to take their photos. As expected, they flew away as soon as I stepped into the car park. These birds are very shy and that's why I've almost gave up on photographing them. However, I decided to sit and wait behind one of the cars waiting for their return, and finally they did. This time I have to thank to the car, the birds seemed relaxed and some even came so close that I couldn't take their photos.
Love the shots with these little flowers.

The upperparts turned plain grey and the underparts turned pinkish buff in breeding plumage.

Still one or two birds were non-breeding plumage.

Though in close range, they're not an easy subject to photograph at all. They rarely stop walking and I needed to refocus again for every shot.

A flock of White-cheeked Starling was also feeding nearby.

This one seems to be in the most complete breeding plumage.

They were hunting for small insects like this greenish one.


Stu said...

Nice shots, don't think I've ever seen them in breeding plumage. I can finally see where the name comes from!

Phil said...

Great pictures. Not a pipit I ever see but if I do in future I will then know what I am looking at.