Wednesday, March 3, 2010

East Hokkaido Trip V

So I had a great time shooting photos of eagles and gulls in the sea of Nemuro strait since 6am, now it's over half past 8 and the boat began to return to the port. Everyone left the boat happily and willingly pay 10,000 yen each. Since I have no other program for the day so I just wandered around the Rausu port taking photos of some common species there including Whooper Swan, Greater Scaup, Common Goldeneye and the gulls.
Whooper Swan was also new for me.

As well as the Goldeneye

A bit of display

And more

The swans were always staying in the river near the port. There were 4 of them and can be view easily from the bridge. The pair of Common Goldeneye was also presenting very well both days. I saw some female Harlequin Ducks perching on the rocks along the river as well and at the river mouth were about a hundred of gulls resting and taking bath. After walking around the river I went back to the port and took photos of the scaups.

Some relaxing female Greater Scaups

And a lone breeding male

I sat there at the port taking photos of these scaups until 9am when the same man who drove me from Kasuga came and told me that the boat trip for 9am can go out now because some other general tourists have just booked the course and he asked me if I was interested in coming along because he can let me get in for free, who would say no. So I ended up having 2 boat trips for the eagles in only one day. I really feel thankful of him. Next time I'll sure use his company again.

Looks like a poster of some adventurous movie.

Though it was very grey, there was actually more light and
better for BIF than the morning course.

All the majesties on their thrones

But the crows seemed to have increased.

Some close-up

And a nice landing

A juvenile White-tailed Eagle

And more close-up showing its nictitating membrane to finish the entry.


Russell said...

Some really beautiful shots of all the species shown. Whoa!..Lucky you! Two boat trips. And different lighting on both adventures surley was a plus. Even if it's dull the ice reflects light all around. Thank you for telling us about your great adventure.

S.C.E. said...

More great shots, you must have sore eyes after all that post processing work on the PC!

Unravel said...

Russell > Thank you for lots of your kind words both in here and BF. I felt so thankful for the people who've made me lucky. Without them I wouldn't have this good memory.

S.C.E > Thanks. It took me a long while to finish up processing the photos in photoshop. However since my vacation has started, I have all the time in the world to do it lol.