Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whenever There Are Flowers

Whenever there are flowers, there are white-eyes. Few Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonica) shots from today's visit to Beppu Koen. There were many plum blossoming in the park made it a heaven for these little nectar-eating birds. These white-eyes made me think of the sunbirds in Thailand, so sad there is no sunbird here in Japan, they're truly amazing little birds.

Though the shutter speed was already quite high (1/400 sec) and the camera captured the falling flower pollen very well, I wonder why the bird's head is still blurry.


Russell Jenkins said...

Beautiful photographs. I think the pollen must have fallen quite gently and the bird moved much faster. The image quality is very high. You must be happy. Also the weather's looking warm where you are with blue sky and blossoms and stuff. Not so in Niigata.

Unravel said...

Oh yeah!!!
Why do I have the impression that the pollen should've fall faster than the bird.
Thanks a lot!

S.C.E. said...

Wow, we won't see either White-eyes or blossoms for another 12 or 13 weeks!!!!!!