Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Northern Shoveler in Oita

I was literally dreaming of taking photos of a beautiful male Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) at Oita River few days ago before the dream became true last Sunday. I didn't know why, but the number of shoveler increased a lot since the last time I've been there. Though there were many shovelers flying, swimming around, only 1 of them was a perfect breeding male, the others were mainly female and ugly non-breeding male. However, this beautiful drake wasn't that cooperative plus the water level was too low, which made the bird stayed away from the bank. I think I'll just have to make a revisit.
The surrounding was not beautiful when the bird did come closer for once.

Gadwalls seemed to know how to make a better photograph quite well.

One of the many ugly molting drakes

That purple and yellow plastic trash is truly an eyesore.

Last time I was so keen at taking photos of the Common Teals.
This time I hardly took their pictures.

Other ducks seen beside the shoveler at the river that day include lots of Gadwalls and Eurasian Wigeons. The number of Gadwall increased a lot, while conversely the number of Mallards seemed to be decreased. The Common Teals were abundant and a lot more breeding males were joining the flock. It was a bit strange that there were not so many Spot-billed Ducks as usual. Hope there'll be some more interesting species next time I visit the place.

A male Eurasian Wigeon

Another pic of a Gadwall drake

Some female shots