Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally, an adult Slaty-backed Gull

This is so delayed...I took these pics on the last week of October. Finally a full non-breeding adult Slaty-backed Gull appeared at Mochiga-hama along with one 4th year and two 1st year birds. The birds were easy to spot among the flock of Vegas and Taimyrs because of their dark slaty upperparts and bulkier shape. The 4cy bird has black ring on its beak, but with no blackish mark on tail feathers, unlike the first 4cy bird I found last time.

The lighting condition on that evening was so pretty. I'm really happy with results.

The bird resting in the back is the 4cy individual.

Here's the 4cy individual; note black ring on its bill.

Some more photos of the adult, but the bird was so boring,
it didn't do anything much except standing in this same pose until sunset.

And the now familiar 1cy Slaty-backed Gull.
Really have no idea why I haven't seen any of them last year.

One of the two 1cy birds seems to be practicing some catching skills.

I'm quite surprised to see its self-educate ability. These seagulls are just like the crows.

But the difference is...I don't like these civilized crows!

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