Friday, November 27, 2009

Ducks in Oita

More photos of ducks from Oita River, mainly Common Teals and Shoveler. I was surprised that there were not so many Wigeons, unlike the same day (Nov 23) last year, which a huge flock of wigeon was seen feeding on the river bank, or may be there was but I didn't see them? The most numerous species was the Common Teal, which were mainly female and eclipse male. The Mallards were also quite numerous along with the Spot-billed Ducks. So here we go, nice lighting has really made it perfect!

I coldn't find any neat breeding male Common Teal. This one was the closest. Still there are some eclipse feathers on its flanks, upperparts, tail coverts and nape. Hopefully all the drakes will finish their molt in January.

The females were much tamer, why? Do they know that they're not as beautiful and attractive as the males, so they just kind of relax and swimming around unaware?

I had to be so patient to get these shots of this only beautiful drake, while the female birds just swimming around and walking all over the place.

Only several Eurasian Wigeons joined the area. Here's a couple.

And another eclipse male I guess...

Apart from the teals, this eclipse male Northern Shoveler was also very tame.

Showing its hidden bluish-grey wing coverts

Most of the male Common Teals were looking like this.

Few more females

And an eclipse male to finish off this entry.
Some of its facial pattern on the head is still visivle if you look closely.

Oh and I almost forget these Coots which were swimming around in one of the canals leading to the main river nearby. Unfortunately, they were too shy for me to get any decent shots.


S.C.E. said...

You had some great light for those duck shots!

Charounette said...

"Coots" ???, weird name, didn't know such non-human animals exist.
love your duck set on blue river ^O^

people here love eating ducks !