Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 more first-year gulls

Today was very cloudy yet there were 6 new first-year gulls at the beach. The same 3 or 4cy Taimyr Gull also appeared again along with a new 3 or 4cy Vega Gull. The 1cy birds included 2 Vega and 4 Slaty-backed Gulls. The Vegas seemed to be easily identified from those Slaty-backed by their long blackish primaries and their long slender shape. One of the two was quite dark and has a very fresh plumage. The picture above is a Vega Gull calling. I really like the posture of these gulls when they're doing their calls.

The 1st one, a pale-headed 1cy Slaty-backed Gull.
These Slaty-backed Gulls' feathers are remarkably much worner than those of the early migration.

Another 1cy Slaty-backed Gull. This one looks familiar, not sure if it's new or not.

The first 1cy Vega Gull of the season. Note its longish shape and blackish primaries.

And another 1cy Vega Gull. This individual is much darker, but still has the same longish look features and long black primaries unlike those of the Slaty-backed.

On the right is the 3rd(or 4th) year Vega

It still has a very fresh plumage that makes it look whitish from the back.

The 3rd 1cy Slaty-backed Gull. This bird seems to have developed some of the 2cy features like greyish part on its back and pink coloration on the bill. Note its short primary-projection look comparing to the Vega Gull on the left.

And the 4th 1cy Slaty-backed Gull. This one has the palest primaries color. The bird on the left is a 2cy Black-tailed Gull.

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