Sunday, October 18, 2009

4cy Slaty-backed Gull

The first adult Slaty-backed Gull(Larus schistisagus) showed up at the Spa Beach last Friday. This is also the first time for me to see this form. The bird is averagely stouter than the Vega Gulls with very short-primary looking. It has thicker neck, head and bill. The bird still has black band across both mandibles with large black band on its tail, indicating that it's a first-year adult bird, i.e. 4cy bird. The same 2cy bird was also presenting alongside with the adult. Both of them didn't show up again on the next day, guess they're still on their way migrating down south.

With a first-year Black-tailed Gull in the foreground

With a breeding adult Taimyr Gull(left) and a Black-tailed Gull(front)

The bird walking on the right is the 2cy Slaty-backed

The 2cy bird with a Taimyr Gull(front) and a Vega Gull(left)

The bird looks much bulkier comparing to the Vega Gull on the right.

It soon flew out towards the sea showing its black tail-band.

The 2cy also flew out from its perch but then landed nearby.

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S.C.E. said...

Some nice Gull shots there.

We have thousands and thousands of Slaty Backs up here, you're welcome to a few of ours any time....

I saw some odd looking Gulls, probably all Vega, what a variable species that one is........

Have a great time in Kushiro by the way. I'm going there in a couple of weeks but don't expect to see so much (a bit early in the season perhaps plus my wife wants to do other non bird stuff).