Friday, April 10, 2009


The title of this blog is the name of a park in Beppu, it is read Minami Tatte-ishi Koen. I've only been there once last year in summer because it is a bit too far from where I live, though it is larger and the birds there are even better than in Beppu Koen where I often go to. This time I decided to explore that park again during the cherry blossom period, with some hopes for interesting new species. The cherry blossoms here are more beautiful than in Beppu Koen, and there were more Brown-eared Bulbuls (Hypsipetes amaurotis) also!

The super cute Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker (above: male, below: female)

Not only there were lots of birds, but people also. Crowds of people gathered together having lunch, chatting and playing underneath these beautiful flowers. Spring in Japan is truly a time for relaxation. There was a large bird-wave consisting of Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers, Japanese White-eyes, Long-tailed, Varied, and Japanese (formerly Great P.major minor) Tits. These small birds sure move very fast, but they never afraid of coming close to human. A small yet beautiful Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) flashed by along the small stream with its high pitch metallic voice. It is a resident bird in Japan, but not very common. Dusky and Pale Thrushes were abundant as usual. I also hoped to see some Brown-headed Thrushes (Turdus chrysolaus), since I saw a single male last year, but didn't succeed though. Also there were several Black-faced Bunting (Emberiza spodocephala) feeding in thick covers, but they were way too shy for me to get any decent shots. Guess I have to give it another try next year!

A female Pale Thrush

Long-tailed Tits were sure tough as usual

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