Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slow Speed...

There was no sunshine for the last week of February. Everyday was cloudy with pouring rain, building up a gloomy atmosphere. Photographing seemed to be difficult, but I have to say that the greyish atmosphere like this is the state I love most. I brought a camera to the Spa Beach, which is just few meters away from my new place. There were several Black-headed Gulls(Larus ridibundus) floating near the beach. The speed was low and difficult for hand-held, but I managed to get some satisfiable shots before the rain started to fall heavier and heavier.

There was another model for me at the Spa beach, a 2nd winter Black-tailed Gull(Larus crassirostris) was also scavenging around the area. It seemed to have an adult non-breeding bill pattern and some slaty-grey feathers on its back, but the body was still mottled with brownish coloration and the tail was still black(white with large black patch in adult). I also got the series of shots of the bird eating a dead starfish which was carried to the beach by sea tides.

Though the condition was not appropriate for photographing, I found that I am in love with such condition. The speed might be slow and rainfalls are certainly not good for the gears, but I just love the atmosphere of these photos I took. They are bird photos which are not only bird photos. To me, they express some tinges of sadness, something more abstract. Well, most people might prefer brightly colored photos, but it's my own style.

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