Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowy Holiday

It's Saturday, and I woke up around noon because of some clashing sound outside the window. I got up and looked out, then I saw all these white things on the ground. The noise I heard was the sound of people throwing snow balls at the basketball court. Some other people were even enjoying builing up a snowman. What a nice holiday!

I then washed my face, brushed my teeth, and took my camera out to take some shots. It doesn't snow frequently here in Beppu, since it is located in the southern part of Japan, where weather is much warmer. Fortunately, my campus was built on a very high mountain, so there has been snowing since New Year for several times now, but the bad thing about being a highlander is that you'll have to encounter with these crazy winds all the time. The actual temperature isn't that freezing cold, but the wind is awful!

There were few birds coming out today, which I think is because of the wind. There was a male Daurian Redstart, and some Dusky Thrushes as usual, but they kept hiding themselves from the strong wind in the bushes all the time. Even the Large-billed Crows were also sitting still in the thick cover. I could be out for no more than 15 minutes, since the winds got stronger, and my hands started to be frozen. However, I still got photos, which can satisfy my hunger in photographing for today!

My favorite pic of the day!

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